Doublecheck.uk s a free service from Transcom to enable quick access to real-time information about any site you intend to, or are using, to check its validity.

Many data points are collected and scored including host name, domain, reverse lookups to ensure the ip is linked to the domain, geo data and even SSL validity.

In addition, any website, including yours, can get the doublecheck.uk shield which gives your users the security check they need to trust your site.

Couple of tips … Not having an SSL certificate is not a bad thing unless private or personal information is requested, such as credit card details, however, many e-commerce sites use third party apps such as PayPal to conduct the actual transaction, so even the biggest e-commerce site may not have an SSL, just be aware…

If you have a website with multiple domains, the shield link needs to be changed to reflect this, contact us for further information.