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City:                                         London
Region:                                   England
Region Code:                         ENG
Region Name:                        England
Country Name:                      United Kingdom
Country Code:                        GB
EU VAT Rate:                         
Latitude:                                 51.5088
Longitude:                              -0.093
Location Accuracy (Miles): 20
Timezone:                               Europe/London
Currency Code:                      GBP
Currency Symbol:                   £

You can validate any website by simply entering the domain name above, we will then apply over 50 collected datapoints directly from the website associated with it and provide you with a safety review.

If this is your website, you can create and download a link to place anywhere and your customers will be able to validate your business with one click.

The system is infallible, which means it cant be scammed or hacked to provide a false representation as the data comes from the site in realtime, and this includes those that try to bluff the system by using the DoubleCheck seal for another site.

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